The Dorm Tapestry Revisited

Teenage me 1987- love

I remember my 1987 tapestry fondly, it traveled with me from dorm room to dorm room and always kept things homey. I was wandering around a flea market a couple of weeks ago and came across an entire stand of them and couldn’t resist. The possibilities are endless!

I found these online $24 $28 $28

Sanganeer Circle Tapestry $30 $33 $35

Timeless Backgammon ….Designs Fit For 2012

I remember my father and his friends playing backgammon for hours when I was younger; It seemed to go hand in hand with beer and sunday afternoons. By the time my 20’s rolled around the entire house played on visits home to my parents. Our favorite game time was during that bewitching “Is it happy hour yet?” time of day (for small wagers of course). Now my girls play with us and each other when they have nothing better to do. I highly recommend a board for every house. The boards come in all shapes and sizes and every kind of color you can imagine, I’ve had one on every coffee table since my very first place. When people are over the night never ends without at least one game 🙂

These are from-


$230 $50

These are from –


$199.95 $299 (This is the one I have in my livingroom)

$218 Sterling Leather Backgammon Set$199.95

This is the one my dad used back in the day-

$300 (or maybe this one)


My favorite (and of course the most $)